SM Infinity™ is cloud-based software.

It resides on a central server that you can access through a secure Internet connection. There is no software to load, no other PC to sync with, no CDs to keep track of, and you’re always using the latest version , plus all their content is organized securely online and backed up daily.


Access via Web, iPad, or Mobile

Simply login securely at and start controlling the LED sign from any PC or Mac connected to the Internet, or simply launch the app on an iPad or iPad mini, or use any other mobile tablet via its internet browser.


Compared to local software.

Most operating software is restricted to one computer via a verification code or a dongle key and demands you to learn the software, be the graphic artist, and send messages with little to no help. Our cloud-based software allows multiple permission-based users who can operate the sign from any computer onsite or offsite.
See our comparison chart:
Cloudware vs Software


Personalized Message Creation

SM Infinity™ is the only software to have the personal attention of professional graphic designers standing by via an integrated request form to create custom dynamic messages specifically for your LED sign, or use Doodle™, our online message editor for a quick message, or upload any graphics/animations you created.


The benefits of message creation from SM Infinity™

Digital signage can quickly become ineffective if the messages are not designed right,
because well-designed messages means a better brand image which converts into more traffic and more sales; a more positive return on investment from the LED sign. There is a lot that goes into selecting the colors, animations, fonts, and images that work best for your display.

Effective and dynamic content consists of:
PROPER SIZE: Messages created specifically for the LED display matrix vs stretching out stock graphics.
AD COPY: Concise and effective copy that quickly conveys the message or a call to action.
COLORS: Pleasing and complementary colors along with subtle motion to attract attention.

Vibrant colors that contrast well makes the message more readable. A more enticing product photo evokes a more positive response.

Concise copy and contrasting colors makes the message more

The Cloud is Beautiful.

Everytime you login, you are always using the latest version,
plus, we can seamlessly add great new features.


Knowing what, when, and how long each advertisement plays on the display is critical information for anyone using an LED sign for third party advertising. SM Infinity can generate multiple types of reports, all exportable to CSV file format for easy customization with the clients existing billing and proof of performance practices.

Automated Amber Alerts

Our Emergency Alert System can help you be part of the community and help the local municipalities. Simply enable this feature, and the LED sign will automatically display severe weather alerts, amber alerts, and federal alerts integrated with IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert & Warning System) managed by FEMA (

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Conditional Smart Messaging

Stay ahead of the competition with Conditional Smart Messaging. By setting conditions, you can trigger specific messages. For example, if the temperature rises above 90, the display will automatically advertise cold drinks for sale.

Doodle™: Online Message Editor

Anytime, Anywhere message creation gives you a quick message
that can deliver quick results.

With Doodle™ you can create messages on the fly from the Web or from an iPad.

You can create & send custom messages fast, like a quick birthday, an instant sale, or newly arrived inventory. You can pick a background color or import an image, overlay text, and send it instantly to your LED sign. Anytime. Anywhere

LED Sign Friendly: Standard fonts designed to maximize readability are included, along with text outline settings to make the message pop.
• Overlay Text on Images or Video: Grab attention with colorful background images, and moving video files to support the message and turn heads.
• RSS Weather and News Feeds: Keep the content relevant with live data from the web using RSS technology.
• Easy to Use Animated Effects: Enhance the message with movement using our easy to use animated effects feature.
• Advanced Effects and Blend Modes Available: Additional effects and image blending features are available to add even more dynamic power to the content.

Anytime. Anywhere. …Truly.

Download the SM Infinity™ App for the iPad
and have complete flexibility to control your LED Sign.

Do you have an app for that?

An amazing “Yes.” The SM Infinity™ App was built to give you complete control of your LED sign while fitting naturally in your routine. No longer are you locked down to the office desktop, opening your laptop, or having to wait to update your on-premise advertising. You have control anytime from anywhere.

Intuitive Controls: Get anywhere within a couple clicks. Easy-to-use and operate from any iPad or iPad Mini.
• Complete Stand-Alone Control: Use the iPad exclusively. No other software or syncing to any other PC required.
• Powerful Conditional Messaging: Pre-program your sign to respond to changes in weather, temperature, or other events to automatically change specific content.
• RSS Feeds: Use standard weather reports or add a custom feed for live updates on your sign.
• Easy Content Creation Tool: With Doodle™ Online Message Editor, easily use complex features through a simple interface to deliver concise and quick content.
• IPAWS: Integrated Public Alert Warning System is built-in to our app allowing automated emergency notifications through FEMA’s IPAWS system. When enabled, the display will automatically show emergency weather, amber/silver, local/regional/stage/federal alerts. No manual entry required, so the alerts reach the community in a timely and effective manner.
• Custom Services: Need help making the display look amazing? Lean on our professional content creators for assistance through the graphic request form built-in to the app.
• Voice Dictation: No need to type in graphic requests. You can dictate whatever you want your display to show.
• Fast Display Info: Check the status of your display(s) quickly and easily.