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The Plan is to Help You Grow

To Promote All School Sports and rally the school community…in real time,
To Increase Participation
by displaying custom messages made by our professional designers,
To Help You Focus
on your organization with our Doorstep Service™ warranty,
To Work with Your Budget
by keeping your working capital & paying as you enjoy the benefits.

To Promote Sports & Advertisers with an innovative LED Scoreboard

Your LED scoreboard allows you to rally everyone…in real time…displaying the latest scores, stats, and sponsors who support your school efficiently & effectively.
It is brilliant, ultra low power, and proudly built in sunny Ontario, California.

Controlled by Lightspeed LIVE Event Software

Brings any venue to life by commanding live video, advertisements,
and quick action content to your video display with a simple and open interface.

Exclusive Features Include:


Establish different layouts (or zones) to display the desired content, like live camera action and advertisements at the same time. Simply, plug in a Blu-ray/DVD player to display videos, movies, or commercials.

Integrated Scaler

(a separate component that scales input from cameras, video players, etc to fit on your display). All interactive buttons for the Scaler have been implemented into the software, which allows accurate and quicker control; the user only needs to point and click on the computer screen.


The Sign Scheduler allows the customer to create a playlist of advertisements that can be scheduled for Pre-Game, During the Game, and Post Game.

Action Buttons

Hot Buttons on the screen shows recognizable thumbnails of all quick action content, like “TOUCHDOWN!” or “ITS GOOD!”, which are easily initiated with one click. It interrupts the current schedule, but once completed, the schedule resumes in the same spot instead of going back to the top of the playlist and starting over and missing any advertisements.

To Increase Participation with 5 years of Message Creation

Your LED sign displays custom messages made by our professional designers to people passing by your location everyday to help increase awareness and participation. You will receive 5 years of professional message creation from our team of professional designers.

Our software also includes a lifetime DIY (Do It Yourself) message editor with lifetime training. Create your own messages with text, backgrounds, animations, videos, and images. Live Camera and video feeds also available.

To Help You Focus with 5 years of Doorstep Service™ Warranty

If you experience any hardware problems, our team will be at your doorstep to repair your LED sign. Every part that you purchased is covered…and every finger needed to repair it is provided by us.

We want you to stay focused on what you do best.

To Work with Your Budget by providing 5 years of In-House Financing

We believe you should keep your working capital and pay for the LED sign over the next 5 years as you enjoy the benefits and new growth. Why pay for everything up-front when you shouldn’t have to?

It’s that simple.

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