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5 years Parts & On-Site Warranty,
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The Plan is to Help You Grow

To Expand Your Exposure to the public and advertise your brand…in real time,
To Increase Sales & Clients
by highlighting properties with messages made by our professional designers,
To Help You Focus
on your business and clients with our Doorstep Service™ warranty,
To Minimize Risk
by keeping your working capital & paying as you enjoy the benefits.

To Expand Your Exposure with an innovative LED Sign

Your LED sign is a marketing machine advertising your properties, brand, and unique selling points…in real time…24 hours a day.
It is brilliant, ultra low power, and proudly built in sunny Ontario, California.

Controlled by SM Infinity Cloud-Based Software

Completely control your LED sign anytime, anywhere, from any device;
like your PC at the office, your Mac at home, or from your iPad on the go.

Key Features Include:

Amber Alerts

Be part of the community and help the local municipalities. Simply enable this feature, and the LED sign will automatically display severe weather alerts, amber alerts, and federal alerts integrated with IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert & Warning System) managed by FEMA.

Multiple Users

Our cloud-based software allows administrative ability to control permissions of multiple users who can operate the sign from any computer onsite or offsite with a secure login.

Online Editor

With Doodle, our online message editor, you can create & send custom messages fast, like a quick birthday, an instant sale, or newly arrived inventory. You can pick a background color or import an image, overlay text, and send it instantly to your LED sign. Anytime. Anywhere.

Secure Backup

There is no software to load, no other PC to sync with, no CDs to keep track of, and you’re always using the latest version, plus all your content is organized securely online and backed up daily.

To Increase Sales & Clients with 5 years of Message Creation

Your LED sign includes 5 years of professional message creation from our team of designers. Your dynamic LED sign will make the biggest impact possible to your audience of buyers, sellers, and partners translating to more sales, more clients, and a quick return on your investment.

Our software also includes a lifetime DIY (Do It Yourself) message editor with lifetime training. Create your own messages with text, backgrounds, animations, videos, and images.

To Help You Focus on Your Clients with 5 years of Doorstep Service™ Warranty

If you experience any hardware problems, our team will be at your doorstep to repair your LED sign. Every part that you purchased is covered…and every finger needed to repair it is provided by us.

We want you to stay focused on what you do best.

To Minimize Risk by providing 5 years of In-House Financing

We believe you should keep your working capital and pay for the LED sign over the next 5 years as you enjoy the benefits and new growth. Why pay for everything up-front when you shouldn’t have to?

It’s that simple.

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