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What would you say to give YOUR audience a reason to walk in your door right now?
During lunch break? On the way home? On the weekend? When it’s raining?

Why Advertise with LED Signs?

Its an Investment in your business for On-Premise Advertising
that promotes your brand, products, & services

with custom content that directly speaks to your community.
Our brilliant LED displays connect with your target audience everyday
to help increase your traffic and boost sales.

A Chance to Connect with your Community

An LED sign advertises directly to the people passing your business everyday.
It is very personable, offers dynamic information, and invokes impulse purchasing.
By keeping your messages fresh and interesting, your sign will be a landmark in your community;
a sign that everyone will look forward to seeing everyday.
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Full Color LED Signs


6K Pixel
56 x 112 . 4'-0" x 7'-8"


11K Pixel
48 x 224 . 2'-9" x 12-0"

Pawn Plaza

26K Pixel
128 x 208 . 8'-8" x 13'-11"

Fort Gordon

30K Pixel
112 x 272 . 7’-8” x 18’-2”